Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


To register, come to the office of eloquent in person, or send an email to info(at)eloquent.co.at, or contact us online at http://www.eloquent.co.at/anmelden or use the registration form provided for this purpose. Within 5 days after registration, 30 % of the registration fee are due for payment, the remainder must be paid ten days before the course starts. The number of participants of our German courses is limited, therefore registrations are considered in the order of arrival of payment.



Payment of our course dues can be made in cash, by debit card and/or credit card at our Secretariat, or by free-of-charge transfer to our account: eloquent OG at Raiffeisenbank Region Eferding BIC: RZOOAT2L180, IBAN AT473418000001902147



Cancellations may only be made in writing, with the following cancellation fees:

Up to 21 days before start of course: 30 % of total course fee
Up to 7 days before start of course: 50 % of total course fee
Less than 7 days before start of course: 80 % of total course fee
Non-appearance at course: 100 % of total course fee
No cancellation fee falls due:

-) if the participant sends another participant at the same language level to take his/her place

-) in case of an unforeseen serious illness of the participant, to be accompanied by a physician’s certificate


Up to a fortnight (14 days) before start of the course, the participant may change the date of the course. The administrative charge for the change is € 40. Such a change may only be made once.


1 teaching unit = 60 minutes
Coursebook, teaching material and certificate are included in the course fee.


The participants are liable for any damage caused by them and are obliged by law to replace any damaged object. eloquent does not accept liability for any damage, the loss of private property or injuries. Legal guardians are liable for minors. Participation in excursions is at the participants‘ own risk.


Should a participant act in violation of the contract with the institute, compromise holding of the course, or be in violation of Austrian law (theft, visa fraud, drug abuse, material or personal damage), the language institute reserves the right to exclude him/her from the course. No refund of course fees is made in this case.


eloquent reserves the right to shorten, cancel or shift the course upon consultation with the participants should a group size be lower than 5 persons.


Should the student participate in the course only irregularly, a refund of the course fee or an extension of the course is impossible. If one-to-one tuition is cancelled by the student, this must be done 24 hours before the date agreed. If this is not the case, the lesson is considered to have been held.


Before registration it is advisable to obtain information about the current visa regulations from the Austrian Embassy or the Austrian Consulate in your home country. Upon payment of the total registration fee eloquent shall send a confirmation of registration (which is a letter of acceptance) via e-mail or via a courier service organized and paid for by the applicant. Should your visa application be rejected, the course fee will be refunded minus € 100 administration charges as stipulated in our cancellation policy, provided you send us a copy of the letter of rejection of the Austrian Embassy by ordinary mail.






Das Mindestalter für Kursteilnehmer beträgt 15 Jahre. Minderjährige benötigen eine unterschriebene Erklärung der Erziehungsberechtigten.


Durch einen Trainerwechsel ist der/die TeilnehmerIn nicht zum Rücktritt vom Vertrag berechtigt. Druck- und Übersetzungsfehler vorbehalten. Die Geschäftsanbahnung geht vom Kunden aus. Gerichtsstand ist Wien.


Alle Daten der Teilnehmer werden vertraulich behandelt und werden nicht an Dritte weitergegeben. eloquent nutzt sie lediglich zu internen Zwecken zur gezielten Kundeninformation.



*Об оплате и скидках в школе ELOQUENT *

Уважаемые Слушатели !

Мы намеренно организуем группы до 6 человек для более эффективного и ускоренного освоения Вами немецкого языка.

Поэтому, просим Вас отнестись с пониманием к тому, что отказаться от курса немецкого языка в нашей школе Вы можете только за 7 дней до начала курса.

Если Вы оплатили курс и начали его посещать, но по каким-то причинам вынуждены прервать Ваше обучение — оплаченные Вами деньги не возвращаются и не переносятся, не зависимо от количества посещённых Вами занятий.

В благодарность за Ваше доверие.